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Reanae is a powerful inspirational speaker who uses her life's experiences to help others. She gives her many testimonies of transformation to show that it is never too late to transform your life. She will share with her own transformative journey to a internationally renowned performing artist, award winning playwright, and inspirational speaker. Her audiences receive tools for self-empowerment. Reanae's ability to convey the beauty of faith in your dreams makes her a highly sought after speaker.

Reanae does inspirational speaking by topic when requested. Her favorite topics are:

  • Women's Empowerment
  • Women as Entrepreneurs
  • Divine Purpose
  • Meeting the Challenges in the Coming 21st Century
  • Woman as Creative Artist
  • You Have the Power to Change Your Life
  • Loving Ourselves Back to Life


African/African Native American/African American Storytelling

This lecture is a unique educational experience engaging audiences in a lively session of learning about the oral tradition of African and Indigenous people and how they pass on their historical legacy. It will explore the perception of the spoken word in African and Indigenous traditions.

Designed Lecture That Goes With Each Of My Plays

Each lecture will address the issues of the play chosen. It will go into the history of African-American women and their struggles. Blues, jazz and spirituals will be sung throughout the lectures. The detail of each lecture will be given upon request and/or when the play of interest is chosen.

African Native American Women and Activism 

This lecture includes the long legacy of African Native American women activist who have advocated for both African American and Native American people. Highlighting their strategies and transformational activism, Reanae takes the audience into the fascinating world of African Native Americans. 

American Indian Resistance 

Reanae explores land issues, colonialism, imperialism, and violence while revealing the transformative ways that Indigenous people have survived and resisted. 

Women As Creative Artists

This lecture will explore the feminine contributions to the creative arts. It will delve into the challenging of traditional styles of art forms in literature, visual arts, dance, and the spoken word.

Challenging A Violent Culture

This lecture explores the violence against women and people of color. It will go into the oppressive mechanisms in the society that make the violence against these groups possible and acceptable.

African-American Women Breathing Herstory

This lecture explores the contributions of African-American women through their own voices. Reanae recites excerpts from speeches, literature, and songs of SoJourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Billie Holiday and many more. This lecture is powerful.

Indigenous Women Transforming the World 

This lecture explores the contributions and transformative activism of Indigenous women. Drawing on stories, poetry, prayers, and chants, Reanae takes the audience on a fascinating journey. 

And She Survived

Reanae tells her own story of being a rape/sexual assault survivor when she was in college as well as dealing with sexual harassment by a professor. She will include the importance of strong racial and sexual harassment regulations on college and university campuses.

Standards of Beauty

This lecture discusses the trauma of standards of beauty imposed on African-American women. It will explore the dynamics of colorism, hair, physical features, size, and African-American womens' perception of themselves.

Faces of Violence

This lecture explores gender and racial apartheid of women all over the world. It examines domestic violence, honor killings, genital multilation, rape, slave trafficking, etc. It gives voice to Global women's issues. It is informative and empowering.

Behind the Bars

This lecture deals with the dynamics of women who are imprisoned. It gives statistics and stories of the oppression and lives of women in prison and the women who end up in prison. The lecture deals with the diversity of women in prison and the unfolding of their lives. It paints a powerful and realistic picture of women Behind the Bars as Reanae tells real stories taken from women in prison.

Environmental Racism

This lecture examines environmental racism, the communities that suffer from it, and the generations of children and adults affected by it. It gives viable and thought-provoking solutions of how we can stop environmental racism.

African-Americans Changing the World

This lecture gives voice to the Sheroes and Heroes of the African-American Community. It delves into the outstanding contributions of African-American people to the society as well as the oppression that they have suffered. This lecture is great for Black History Month.

The Sons of Freedom

This lecture deals with the oppression, police brutality, and imprisonment of African-American men. It explores cultural mechanisms and stereotypes that make it possible for the continued violence against African-American men. Poetry, stories, and excerpts from rap songs are used to examine the continued oppression of African-American men.

We Are The Children

This lecture explores the oppression and violence against children globally. It examines the ways in which the world's children are violated and often times forced to live in war ridden situations. The lecture challenges the listeners to make a change for the future generations of children that will walk through the world.

American Indian Rights

This lecture explores the continued oppression of Native American people. It challenges streotypes and beliefs about Native people and hate crimes against them. It gives viable solutions on how we can stop the oppression and violence against Native people.

The Women Gathered

This lecture gives voice to powerful diverse women from around the world. It is empowering as it tells their stories and gives beauty to who they are. Great lecture for Women's Herstory Month and International Women's week.

Custom Designed Lectures:
  • Civil Rights/Human Rights
  • Related topic of your choice
  • Indigenous women
  • Women
  • American Indians
  • African-Americans
  • Violence
  • Herstory/History
  • Creative Arts
  • Domestic Violence
  • Rape/Sexual Assault
Please note: All lectures will be interweaved with high spirited singing

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Reanae McNeal

"I have learned in my life to realize there are traumatice things that happen, that are really hurtful and painful, but even in the trauma, the hurt and the pain, beauty can be birthed out of that."
Be Blessed,