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"We applaud your immense talent and ability to make people feel!"
Dr. Elizabeth Iterby
Mt. St. Clare College

"She is very powerful and creative!"
Njoki Kamau
Associate Director of the Women's Center
Northwestern University

"Part of me, as an educator, loved her performance, but it gave me personal inspiration to survive and struggle."
Patricia Guedes
Educator, University of Massachusetts

"Reanae's stories are empowering for every adult and child who ever had the courage to dream!"
Dawn Shegonee
Director, International Call For Peace Dance and Drum Co.

"Your art cuts through the chase and touches the soul. It Heals!"
Aishah Simmons
Director of Afro-Lez Productions

"I remain in awe of Ms. McNeal's ability to blend laughter with learning and creativity with understanding. Upon leaving our training room that day, Ms. McNeal had achieved yet another fantastic accomplishment -- she left a room filled with animated laughing and enlightened dream makers."
Sandi Murphy
Program Coordinator, Domestic Violence Advocacy Project

"She will make you laugh and cry as she tells her stories of African-American survival."
Sisters United
University of Wisconsin


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Reanae McNeal

"God let my life be a testimony to all that you have done in me. Let my life be a praise song to all that you have poured into me. Let my life be a wonderful jazz scat, keeping beat to the divine purpose you have planted in me. Let my life be a beautiful dance giving glory to your blessed name. Let my life, touch other lives like a spark of fire and then let me stand back and watch the flames."

Be Blessed,