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Educational Seminars

Reanae presents workshops on:

  • Storytelling as an Art Form
  • How to Implement Storytelling in the Classroom
  • How to be a Storyteller
  • Bringing Creativity Out of Each and Every Child

"What a wonderful presentation that you gave to the pre-service teachers at the University of Northern Iowa! I really enjoyed hearing your stories, especially the African tales. Continue to be the "Great Edu-tainer!"
Charline J. Barnes, Ed.D

Original Storytelling

Reanaes' specialty is storytelling. She captivates her audiences with her stories and her ability to put them into song. She conveys a powerful message of hope and healing. Reanaes' spellbinding voice is accented by African  and Indigenous instruments while she solicits audience participation. Reanae strongly feels that participation strengthens the impact of the "life lessons" within her stories.

"Reanae McNeal has the spirit to inspire and empower each and every child to live life believing in themselves and accomplishing everything they were meant to be!"
Dawn Shegonee, Director of Call For Peace

Motivational Speaking

Reanae has a strong interest in youth issues. She does motivational speaking in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, churches, community centers, and conferences. Her speech, "Reaching our Dreams and Serving our Purpose," demonstrates her strong belief that children are our greatest and most valuable resource


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Reanae McNeal

Always meet life with a smile, knowing that you are made in the image of the Creator and that everything you need to complete your divine purpose was already provided the moment you were born...

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