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Reanaes' specialty is storytelling in the African, African Native American, and African American tradition. This cultural extravaganza of stories, music, song, dance and rituals provides a dynamic introduction to the stories, dance, music and cultural history of African, African Native American, and African American art forms. Reanae plays over 15 different traditional African and Native American instruments. Drawing on her rich heritages of African, African American, Choctaw, and Cherokee, Reanae creates an extravaganza of cross-cultural storytelling.

As Reanae tells her stories, she interweaves them with the singing of blues, jazz, chants, shouts, and African American spirituals to convey a message of hope and healing. African dance movements and African Native American praise hoop dance accent her many stories of empowerment and history of African American  and Native American people.

Audience participation is an integral part of this activity as she unfolds Brer Rabbit tales, Anansi the Spider Tales,Coyote, and original stories about her family. Reanae strongly feels that participation strengthens the impact of the "life lessons" within her stories. It is ideally suited for college presentations, coffee houses, school assemblies, seminars, workshops, outdoor festivals, churches, and large group gatherings.

Educational materials are available upon request describing the rich history of African American, Native American, and African Native American storytelling.


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Reanae McNeal

It is the life lessons in the stories that are important. They have the power to change and shift our perception on life. It is the value we take from the stories. They unfold into master pieces that help us learn and transform our lives. It is the characters that help us to look inside ourselves. Stories are great to give and AWESOME to receive. Share your stories that is the only way they stay alive.

Be Blessed,