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  • Counseling African-American Women
  • Multicultural counseling for Indigenous and African American women
  • Positive Self-Esteem in Women
  • The Use of Storytelling in The Classroom
  • Storytelling in Therapy
  • Diversity/Opression Training
  • Counseling African-American Women Who Are Rape/Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivors
  • Knowing Our Worth
  • Women of Color and Indigenous Women's Survival in America
  • How To Be a Mighty Woman of God
  • Knowing Our Completeness
  • ¬†Women Who Are Purposed
  • Divinely Purposed Women
  • Recognizing Who We Are
  • Custom Made Workshop

African-American Women and Violence Training

Please note this is a description of one of Reanae's most popular trainings.

This training consists of explaining the dynamics of rape/sexual assault and/or domestic violence in African-American women's lives. It deals with the issue of:

  • How to be a good counselor and advocate for African-American women who suffer from violence.
  • Simultaneous oppression that African-American women deal with.
  • Legal and medical advocacy.
  • How to make your institution or services African-American women friendly.
  • Internalized oppression.
  • Strategies to help African-American women heal from violence.
  • How to deal with socialized attitudes toward African-American women.
  • Looking at empathy versus sympathy.

Reanae uses recorded interviews, stories, and poems on tape to help bring about understanding and awareness on how to counsel and advocate for African-American women. Her training is like no other training that you will ever experience


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